A Dermatologist’s Secrets for Perfect Skin on your Wedding Day

>>>>A Dermatologist’s Secrets for Perfect Skin on your Wedding Day

A Dermatologist’s Secrets for Perfect Skin on your Wedding Day

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

This week, we sat down and asked Dr. Monica that all-important question: what should brides do to have perfect, glowing, sun-kissed skin on their wedding day?

Her answer was more a list of what NOT to do! Here is her Checklist of Dont’s:

  • For perfect skin on your wedding day, the first thing NOT to do, is to NOT allow your stylist to sign you up for a “Pre-Bridal Package,” that may include mouthwatering treatments such as “chocolate skin masques” and “virgin olive oil massages” and “ammonia-free face bleaches” or any number of other Complexion Enhancement treats
  • The reason NOT to do these is because they usually take place just one or two weeks before your wedding and salons tend to use the same techniques for everyone – no matter what your skin type. So if, for any reason, you have a small problem with your skin and they first massage you, then apply something hot, then apply something cold, at the end of it all brides come to me weeping. They tell me they have just one week left for their weddings and they’ve erupted in the most awful rash. It may be on the face, it may be on the back, sometimes it’s all over and we have a hell of a time, but we manage to sort out the problem.
  • All this trauma can be avoided with one simple rule: NO new treatments in the 4 week run-up to the wedding”. Then on your wedding day, you can freely apply whatever makeup is necessary on your healthy, rash-free skin.
  • My next tip is to find out if you have a robust skin. A lot of people tell me “my skin can take anything,” then I say to them “no problem, you can do whatever your beautician tells you to do.” But if you know you have a sensitive skin or a problem skin or some sort of issue with your skin, then please go to your dermatologist and ask them what you should do. They will tell you what sort of cosmetics you are allowed to use with your particular problem. This will ensure that after the wedding, you don’t wake up to find you’ve got a rash under all your makeup!
  • So again, for people with sensitive skins, do NOT let your stylist decide what you should use or what you should do for your skin issues, as they are not equipped to handle problem skins. This is the best advice I can give any bride-to-be.
  • Finally: you may know that you don’t have any real skin problems, but you also know that you have sensitive skin… and you’ve been very particular all your life about what you use on your skin. In this situation, please, do NOT allow your beautician to carte blanche do whatever they want. Ensure that you tell them that your skin is sensitive and that they must only use certain products and brands on you for your big day. A good stylist will be able to innovate and achieve that perfect bridal look with a small number of carefully selected items.

If you follow this List of Don’t’s, you will have no last-minute panic and be the most beautiful bride!

Dr Monica Mohindra has been practising for over 40 years as  a Consultant Dermatologist in India, England, Sri Lanka & Maldives and has  been treating patients by formulating her own hypoallergenic skincare products. 

Her Skincare Therapies are especially formulated for Sensitive Skins which Fragrance-free, Dye-free, Paraben-free and Cruelty free.

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