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>>Our Story: Meet Dr. Monica
Our Story: Meet Dr. Monica2017-04-08T11:09:10+05:30

I am a Dermatologist and have been dealing with Indian skin problems for the last 36 years. I could never quite get what I really needed from products in the market, as they are made for climates and life styles different to ours. There is nothing that quite meets the needs, especially for infants and children.

My frustration with available products grew till I had to solve the problem myself. Learning how to deliver what was just right for the skin became a challenge and an obsession.

My success in treating skin was such that patients heard and came from all over the country, and when I went to Colombo, Sri Lanka and worked there for 13 years, the same thing happened – people came from all over the island, just for my creams.

As one of my patients from Sri Lanka recently wrote to me about my preparations:

……the meds you prescribed earlier, which is a real saving grace. I just wanted to let you know that even though you’re not here now, your medications continue to provide great relief to me and am so grateful to you. It is indeed a great doctor who has foresight to prescribe such gentle, yet effective cream to be used at any stage. You’re undoubtedly blessed with not only healing but genuine patient care.  Thank You !

Now, back in India, I have realised that I must make these formulations available more widely as I can never personally reach everyone in need.

Thus, the Dr. Monica’s Skin Therapies LLP was born.

A small group of us came together with a common vision of promoting the use of non-steroidal applications in the treatment of simple skin diseases.

We make our products according to my formulas developed during the last 36 years of my practice as a Skin Specialist.

We have kept safety, efficacy & simple to use in mind.

Our products are specially made for sensitive, troubled or unhappy skins, as they do not contain many of the irritants (perfumes, dyes or parabens) widely used in popular brands.

There is some commonality in skins that makes it possible to formulate my preparations for acne, dry skins, dandruff, marks, rough patches, winter problems, summer problems, older ages and for teens. But there arises a need within these groups, to tweak the preparation and individualise requirements as no two persons are alike.

And this is my goal – as each person is unique, I individualise my products when necessary, to address each persons’ skin separately from the next.

This is what I know.

This is what I do.

And it is what my products will do for each of you who reaches out for them.

Dr. Monica Mohindra, M.D.
MD: AIIMS, New Delhi
MBBS: CMC, Vellore
Consultant Dermatologist