Diwali Skin Care: 5 foolproof ways to get your Glow On this festive season!

The Diwali Season is finally here! We’re all hearts for the festive season. Our health should always be our primary concern and at Dr. Monica’s, we’re on a constant look out on ways to make it better. With Diwali around the corner, maintaining that healthy glow can be a daunting task. High pollution levels, [...]

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Skincare Tips for Acne-Affected Skin

Acne is a common skin condition affecting teenagers and adults alike. It often leads to breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, and usually appears on the face, forehead, upper back and shoulders. The earlier one starts the right treatment, the better the outcomes for the patient, as if left untreated, acne can lead to [...]

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Am I Losing Hair because of Dandruff ?

  Dandruff and Hairfall are usually clubbed as one issue even though they are separate. We are often told to sort out the dandruff and hairfall will be taken care of automatically but Dandruff does not cause Hairfall and both need to be dealt with separately. Here are some common reasons why you might be [...]

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What to do about those pesky Open Pores?!

Prevention One of the most important causes of open pores is dietary – i.e. chillies in hot, spicy foods and alcohol. So the primary action for reducing/preventing open pores is to completely stop eating red chillies, green chillies or black pepper in your diet. If you can’t entirely stop, then at least reduce the [...]

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Baby Eczemas : Prevent Itching & Infection

ECZEMA IN CHILDHOOD Here I describe the long duration or recurring eczema. The common one is Atopic dermatitis . It can start in infancy when it will be termed infantile eczema. This continues in young children as Atopic Dermatitis, and most of the time, gradually disappears in the early to late teenage years. A [...]

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Purpose of Facewash in Acne

When choosing a face wash, you need to know what properties to look for  - and that will depend on the purpose of the face wash. Here we will only discuss the face wash required for Acne, or an Acne Facewash. The aim in washing the face in acne/pimples is to: 1. Mechanically wash [...]

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Darkened Underarms: Causes

Darkened underarms restrict what we can, or cannot, wear. Winter is a good time to solve the problem so that your underarms are summer-ready. Most cosmetic products/home-remedies work as mild bleaching agents to lighten the area. However, that does not remove the root cause. So, let's first understand why the underarms darken. Customised Underarm [...]

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