Darkened Underarms: Causes

>>>>Darkened Underarms: Causes

Darkened Underarms: Causes

Darkened underarms restrict what we can, or cannot, wear.

Winter is a good time to solve the problem so that your underarms are summer-ready. Most cosmetic products/home-remedies work as mild bleaching agents to lighten the area. However, that does not remove the root cause. So, let’s first understand why the underarms darken.

Customised Underarms Cream

Customised Underarm Cream

  • Skin becomes thicker: Thicker skin is darker. Why does the underarm skin become thicker over time? The primary cause of skin becoming thicker is friction. So, to protect itself in areas where there is more friction, the skin starts becoming thicker (and hence darker).

    Solution: Our Customised Underarm Cream helps to reduce the skin thickness and, in turn, helps in lightening the skin.

  • Perfumed Deodorants: Deodorants are convenient & smell great, but the strong antiperspirant chemicals and perfumes often darken underarms by an inflammatory response.

    Solution: Skip Deodorants. Use Talcum powder instead, and ideally, use a Perfume-free Talcum powder.

  • Obesity:  Well, obesity causes more friction in the underarm area, and thus, causes the skin to thicken and darken.

Stay Dry body Talc for body odour

Perfume Free Body Talc

         Solution: Shed those extra kilos!

  • Shaving: Dark underarms may be caused by thick hair under the skin due to shaving.

         Solution: Skip shaving and start waxing. Since waxing   removes hair at the root, it may leave the area lighter and the skin softer.

  • Left-over Inflammations: Darkened underarms could also be leftover marks from earlier inflammations, boils, etc.

          Solution: Check with your Dermatologist

There could be more reasons as well, for darkened underarms or armpits. Though the most common reasons, and solutions, are listed above, it’s best to check with your dermatologist, if you are unsure of the cause, in your case.


Dr Monica Mohindra has been practising for over 40 years as  a Consultant Dermatologist in India, Sri Lanka & The Maldives and has  been treating patients by formulating her own hypoallergenic skincare products. 

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