Diwali Skin Care: 5 foolproof ways to get your Glow On this festive season!

>>, Trends>>Diwali Skin Care: 5 foolproof ways to get your Glow On this festive season!

Diwali Skin Care: 5 foolproof ways to get your Glow On this festive season!

The Diwali Season is finally here!

We’re all hearts for the festive season. Our health should always be our primary concern and at Dr. Monica’s, we’re on a constant look out on ways to make it better. With Diwali around the corner, maintaining that healthy glow can be a daunting task. High pollution levels, shopping sprees and other chores wipe the glow off our faces.

But worry not! We’ve put together a list of simple Skincare Tips that will instantly up your Glow Game. Just follow these DIY Tips that will do wonders for your skin:

  1. Eat Shoots and Leaves

leafy greens healthy skin

Include fresh leafy vegetables, fruit, nuts & berries in your diet. No matter what the season, a balanced diet is a must so maintain a healthy supply of vitamins and nutrients for a glowing skin. Avoid junk food, deep fried snacks & sodas and eat salads instead.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Religiously follow the 8 glasses of water a day rule and keep yourself hydrated. Drinking fluids will help to push out the toxins from the body and maintain a healthy gut. A healthy gut reflects on a perfectly glowing and healthy skin.

  1. Don’t Sleep with Makeup On

One of the most damaging things you can do is sleep with your makeup on. Removing your makeup after a long day must be your priority. Makeup removal includes cleansing and moisturising your skin carefully. A clean face is a happy face!

  1. Use a Face Wash

With rapidly growing pollution levels, skincare is an essential step to protect yourself from the damaging effects of smog & fumes. Keep a scarf handy to cover your face and use a N95 or N97 pollution mask when outdoors. Clean your face twice a day and moisturise frequently. Revive your skin with Dr. Monica’s Tan Removal Wash or keep acne at bay with our Acne Care Wash 

  1. Strict Workout Regime

Start a regular exercise regime and flaunt your best look this festive season. A daily 20-minute walk or run, power yoga, pilates or 20-30 minutes in the gym will calm your body and soul and keep your skin glowing.

Dr. Monica’s skincare range is extensive and her therapies are simple, safe & effective. We have products for all skin types and take pride in showcasing our cruelty-free, paraben-free, dye-free and fragrance-free therapies. Try us today & get your Glow On!

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