How Does Stress Affect Your Skin & Hair?

>>>>How Does Stress Affect Your Skin & Hair?

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin & Hair?

Stress can affect your skin either Directly or In-directly.

As a Direct Cause, the stress has to be pretty severe to the point of let’s say depression or almost a psychiatric symptom, which will perhaps even take you to the psychiatrist before it will directly affect your skin. In this case, what happens is that we find people’s acne becomes worse or they get hair loss – a diffuse sort of hair loss or thinning or even a difference in the hair texture when the stress levels are very, very severe.

Indirect Effects of stress are more common, because stress can be fairly mild – you can have a sub-clinical level of stress where you are stressed all day long – let’s say you are exerting at work, you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re working very long hours, which is the common type of stress we are faced with today. Men, women, everyone is working far too long hours or working not just in the office, but their routine is such that they don’t get time to relax, don’t get enough time to sleep and perhaps don’t even eat proper meals regularly. This is a sub-clinical stress level, which people don’t even recognize as ‘stress’.

This creates a lot of problems in your internal body systems, and then ‘indirectly’ on the skin. So your internal body systems are in your stomach – your digestion goes for a six (which means you start having problems with your digestion). If you don’t sleep enough, all the hormones and the rectification that happens, and the rest that repairs so many different systems and organs of the skin, these don’t happen properly. Your nutrition going for a six or not being correct means you don’t get enough food, proteins or vitamins. If you don’t get enough exercise then you’re not oxygenating your blood properly – your haemoglobin is not carrying the amount of oxygen it could or it should – all this means your cells are being poorly nourished, whether nourished with oxygen or nourished with proteins or nourished with vitamins, the cells are not being nourished correctly, so what’s going to happen is you are going to have “stunted” cells, which will produce stunted hair roots and stunted hair; or stunted skin cells which will produce stunted skins.

When I say the word ‘stunted’, how it shows is that your skin is not a glowing, healthy skin. It may be rough in texture, it may be losing its glow, it may lose its ‘healthy’ look and I put that in inverted commas – I do not need to define what healthy looking skin is – we all know! Skin which just looks good, when you look at it, you automatically say “what good skin you have”, or you say “what nice, shiny hair you have” – again because the oils being produced by the body are of good quality, the hair being produced is of a robust colour, robust strength. So skin and hair get affected ‘indirectly’ when you have chronic small stress, which goes on through life, and this is the common stress that most of us are living within our present-day lifestyle.    

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