How to lighten your Dark Circles?

>>>>How to lighten your Dark Circles?

How to lighten your Dark Circles?

Dark circles can be the bane of our existence. No matter what we do, or how many under-eye creams we apply, they refuse to go away! So what can you do to lighten them?

Dr Monica MD has some tips you can follow

An important long-term precaution you can practice that will help lighten your Dark Circles gradually over time is to stop using perfumes and sprays on the face, neck or any parts of the body that are close to the face. This goes for hair sprays too. Instead, spray your perfume onto a cotton pad and then dab the cotton pad onto the neck, wrists etc.

Next, use our kaolin clay brightening facewash, Tan Removal Wash, as a wash under the eyes twice a day morning and evening and then wash off, being careful not to allow it into the eyes. Then moisturize the under-eye area with our Dew Drops non-oily moisturizer. This regime will cleanse the darkened skin & gradually lighten your dark circles over time. The Tan Remover & Dew Drops combo is also available as Kaolin Brightening Set 

If you find Dew Drops too light, then graduate to our slightly heavier Radiance Gel Moisturiser.

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