How to Revive Dull Skin?

>>>>How to Revive Dull Skin?

How to Revive Dull Skin?

The Answer: Less is More.

Read on to learn what we mean!

Dull skin is a complaint many people have. They worry that their skin has become dull & lifeless and has lost its “glow”.

If you have no other skin allergies or problems like acne, then the FIRST THING to use is the Tan Removal Wash by Dr Monica’s Skin Therapies.

Use it once a day and follow it up with a perfume-free moisturiser (try one of our Hypoallergenic Moisturisers).

SECOND and even More Important is to STOP using all perfumes, cosmetics, hairsprays, bases, foundations, basically all other creams & lotions on the skin. The ONLY THING you can use is a compact powder by Mac or Sephora as a foundation, but if you can avoid this, then not even the compact powder. NO liquid foundations, NO other makeup on the face.

So how do you get by without makeup?

You can use any makeup to colour/do up your EYES, your EYEBROWS and your LIPS – these areas are permitted. But you must avoid the actual skin of the face – meaning the chin, the cheeks, the forehead and the neck – on these areas, apply nothing other than compact powder. If you need sunscreen, then use Lacto Calamine diluted in water – this makes a decent sunscreen. You can also use our Acne Sunscreen.

And what about Perfume?
If you really need to use perfume, then spray perfume onto a cotton pad (make sure no perfume sprays onto your skin) and dab the cotton onto your clothes (not your skin). DO NOT SPRAY directly onto the skin – in some cases, you can get reactions or the skin can become slightly irritated (without you even realising it) and can even become darker over time.

So the mantra for healthy glowing skin is LESS IS MORE.
The LESS you use, the BETTER for your skin as the chances of you reacting to one of the many additives reduces drastically. Remember, many market products have at least 1-2 ingredients that are called “sensitisers” – these are ingredients that may cause skin reactions or sensitivity. These include:

  • Perfumes added for fragrance
  • Dyes/permitted colours for those lovely shades in creams, lotions, soaps
  • A class of chemicals called parabens

You never know what your skin could be sensitive to, so simply USE FEWER PRODUCTS on your face.

If you follow these tips over a period of 6 months, you will see improvement in your skin. The dullness will reduce and the healthy glow will return.

Good Luck! Believe in your Skin!

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