Learn about Acne & the Acne Cure Set

>>Learn about Acne & the Acne Cure Set
Learn about Acne & the Acne Cure Set2017-04-08T11:09:10+00:00

The start point of treatment is to get rid of and prevent the formation of new blackheads or whiteheads – also called comedones. So a Scrub with antiseptic properties is a good idea. An Acne Cure Wash is also used to soothe and stimulate the skin to hasten the healing process.

The next thing you need is an Acne Cure Day Lotion to prevent any comedones that have formed from getting red, painful, swollen and infected.

And then, a night cream (Acne Marks Cure) to remove the marks. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in most cases, these will work with not much else. However if acne is severe, then these will act as a good addition to capsules that your doctor may prescribe.

We Recommend our Acne Cure Set consisting of:
Acne Cure Wash
Acne Cure Day Lotion
Acne Marks Cure
Acne Cure Scrub