Learn About Dry Skin & our Moisturisers

>>Learn About Dry Skin & our Moisturisers
Learn About Dry Skin & our Moisturisers2017-04-08T11:09:10+00:00

Most soaps, including those which have a large oily content, have to remove surface oil from the skin, by their very nature, and are therefore not recommended for dry skins.

Thus, for skins which dry easily showing ‘flakes’ or ‘peeling’, a cream is needed to wash with, instead of soap. If you would still like to use your own favourite soap, then the Bath Cream (safe for babies) can be used as a conditioner for the skin, to be applied and washed off at the end of your bath. This will replace the natural oils washed away by soap. It can be used on the face, scalp and body, as you choose.

The Drizzle Bath Oil is safe for babies, to be used in addition to the Bath Cream (also safe for babies). When the skin is very dry, a heavier Rich Cream can be used by adults.

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Bath Cream (Safe for Babies)
Drizzle Bath Oil (Safe for Babies)
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