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What is Psoriasis?

First one has to understand what’s going on, and that is not a mystery anymore.

The rate of turnover of the skin increases four fold so the cells do not get time to mature properly. The cycle from division in the bottom layer to the progression of the cells from bottom layer to the top is the process of maturing. They are “hurried through” this process of maturing, pile up on each other and give rise to “scaly” patches.

Why the rate increases is not necessary to explain here, but one can understand that when the whole “machinery” is running four times as fast, it is going to get hot and damage the skin and then the body.

So the skin gets red, itches, gets scaly patches and sometimes the process can spin out of control.

Apart from tablets, creams can play a vital role to heal. We need something that can “cool down” the heat and reduce the speed of maturing. Creams can deliver active agents directly to the skin, and save the need for too many tablets.

How much of such an active ingredient to put into the cream depends on the extent of the disorder. So it varies slightly from person to person.

The formula is customised for each person’s requirement – “tailored” so to speak. And then dispensed according to the formula. I do this for Psoriasis as well as for a few other specific disorders where one can use the technique of delivering active ingredients to heal the disorder through a cream rather than through a tablet. This makes the active ingredient safer to use for a longer time.