Am I Losing Hair because of Dandruff ?

>>>>Am I Losing Hair because of Dandruff ?

Am I Losing Hair because of Dandruff ?


Dandruff and Hairfall are usually clubbed as one issue even though they are separate. We are often told to sort out the dandruff and hairfall will be taken care of automatically but Dandruff does not cause Hairfall and both need to be dealt with separately.

Here are some common reasons why you might be seeing less hair on your head and dandruff is not one of them.

Common Causes of Hairfall :

  1. Lack of Vitamins especially vitamin D and B12

  2. Insufficient or irregular hours of sleep

  3. Unusual Stress : Physical (by way of an illness in the last 4-5 months) or mental (at work, at home or others)

  4. Diet : Irregular meals, junk food, not a balanced diet

  5. Sudden Weight-loss – due to dieting or unintentional

  6. Overstyling the Hair : Use of Corrosive hair products / High heat

  7. Thyroid problems

  8. Any long standing illness eg uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure, chronic renal diease, prolonged asthma etc.

If hair loss is severe, one needs a medical check up. For more on how to control the dry, Itchy dandruff check out our earlier blog here 

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