What to do about those pesky Open Pores?!

>>>>What to do about those pesky Open Pores?!

What to do about those pesky Open Pores?!


    • One of the most important causes of open pores is dietary – i.e. chillies in hot, spicy foods and alcohol. So the primary action for reducing/preventing open pores is to completely stop eating red chillies, green chillies or black pepper in your diet. If you can’t entirely stop, then at least reduce the amount and frequency of eating chillies. Also, stop or reduce alcohol.
    • When your face feels hot, flushed and sweaty, immediately splash cool water on the face and drink plenty of cool water. This will cool the face down at once and quickly reduce sweating, which is what prevents open pores from forming

The basic idea is – when you’re hot, do not let your face sweat. So before stepping out into the hot sun on a warm sunny day, apply our Acne Sunscreen that has been specifically made to keep sweaty, oily skins, cool and dry. Our Acne Sunscreen dries out the skin, which is exactly what’s needed to prevent open pores from forming. 


Once you already have open pores, there is no immediate cure that will make them shrink and disappear. The good news is that there IS A LONG TERM CURE. Which is simply this: If you follow the same principles that have been enunciated above in the “Prevention Section” for about one year, you will find that your pores have closed and your problem has quietly gone away.

Dr Monica Mohindra has  practiced for over 40 years as  a Consultant Dermatologist in India, England, Sri Lanka & Maldives and has  been treating patients by formulating her own hypoallergenic skincare products. 

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