Customised for Swelling & Pain Around the Nail (Paronychia)

>>>>Customised for Swelling & Pain Around the Nail (Paronychia)

Customised for Swelling & Pain Around the Nail (Paronychia)

What is Paronychia and how does our customised lotion help to heal it?

Paronychia is a painful swelling, redness and disharge around the finger nails. It more commonly affects those whose hands remain wet eg domestic work and in the kitchen.

The obvious means of treating would be therefore to keep it dry, which is not possible for a mother with a baby, a housewife with 3 hungry children to cook for, the maid who is cooking , washing and cleaning all day.

So instead of saying “don’t wet your hands”, I give something that will dry the wet fingers i.e. the Nail Lotion. It flows into the infected nail root and bed, and dries it out from under the nail. So, it is to be used each time the hands get wet, once the work is finished. This will heal the infection, and gradually the swelling and pain reduces.

Since paronychia commonly recurs, the Customised NAIL Lotion is to be used long term to prevent recurrences.

To Buy: Available on prescription after Consultation via Whatsapp or email.

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