Tan Removal Wash


Helps to remove tan gently over time & restores your natural complexion. This is not a fairness cream.

How to Use: Wet tanned areas, massage with a few drops of water, for 20-30 seconds, then wash off. If you feel a dryness after use, choose an appropriate moisturiser from our Range of moisturisers. Use once or twice a day. Acne prone skin can use the Dew Drops as well for moisturising, but must rinse it off after applying.

Top Tips:
– Skin that is normally unexposed to the hot sun, if such skin gets prolonged exposure to sharp sunlight, it will “burn”.  O
ur Calamine Cream will help soothe the redness, irritation & burning sensation of acute sunburn (which is different from a sun tan).

– Apart from this clearing action, this face wash will also help to smoothen wrinkles, though slowly over time.  

– For Acne Marks use Acne Marks Cure 

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Precaution: Not for children.  Not for acute sunburn. Not to be applied on acne affected areas or active acne. 


Our Therapies are Perfume-Free • Dye-Free • Paraben-Free • Hypoallergenic • Not Animal Tested

2 reviews for Tan Removal Wash

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shubhani Talwar

    I’ve been using this product for almost a year now and I simply can’t do without it ! Its fabulous, feels great on the skin and removes tan within a matter of days after you’ve returned from an outdoorsy or beach holiday. It is now a vital part of my daily skincare regime!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Beeta Mehta

    This is a great product. I’m using Dr Monica’s Tan & Blemish Remover & Radiance Moisturiser and find them delivering what they promise and hassle free!

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