Purpose of Facewash in Acne

>>>>Purpose of Facewash in Acne

Purpose of Facewash in Acne

When choosing a face wash, you need to know what properties to look for  – and that will depend on the purpose of the face wash. Here we will only discuss the face wash required for Acne, or an Acne Facewash.

The aim in washing the face in acne/pimples is to:

1. Mechanically wash away dust, dirt, pus, etc .

2. Soothe the redness of the skin in acne.

3.  Have a rubifacient effect (i.e to increase blood flow).  We need an increased blood flow to the affected areas, called “counter irritation”, to clear away dead infected material from the inside.

 So a good facewash for Acne should have these 3 properties.

Acne cleanser

Soap free wash for Acne

Our facewash, the ACNE CURE WASH, is formulated such that it has the above 3 properties.

By using it:
i) you will wash away the dirt, as with any face wash
ii) your skin will get the rubefacient effect, and
iii) it will soothe the redness of Acne.

It is a mild soap-free cleanser and does not lather. With long term use, it helps to clear blackheads and thus prevents the formation of pustules or spots of acne.

That is how our Acne Cure Wash works

BTW  – it also leaves a nice cooling effect on the skin after the wash.

Dr Monica Mohindra has been practising for over 40 years as  a Consultant Dermatologist in India, England, Sri Lanka & Maldives and has  been treating patients by formulating her own hypoallergenic skincare products. 

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