On recommendation of a friend I experimented with Dr. Monica’s Anti wrinkle face cream and was delighted. After spending thousands on expensive fragrant upmarket brands this was an incredible alternative. As is, I was trying to move away from all things perfumed because of health reasons. I am now an avid fan of her anti aging cream, her cracked heel cream, her cold cream and the best – her radiance serum. My skin is clearer, fresher and best of all this is all affordable care. Thanks Doc

Aparna Jain, New Delhi
I’ve learnt that one needs to be patient. The usual otc drugs or preparations, especially for acne, are quite aggressive. So one gets used to seeing quick results. The quick results inevitably mean recurrence is quicker. But with the acne cure day lotion and marks cure, one needs to give it time. The skin gets used to the products and the results are good. No flare up since I stuck to the products and minimised the amount of chemicals I was applying to my skin. Using the mildest soap also works. In sum, thanks! Very good products.
Anand Murty, New Delhi
Dr. Monica consulted my 4 year old son’s skin and recommended us to use her customised cream. His atopic dermatitis was at a very bad state and with intense itchiness, he was unable to sleep well at night. We visited three different dermatologists before and tried many products with no real effects. So we were thrilled to see such amazing improvements on his skin after using Dr. Monica’s customised cream. Now we are in a very dry climate of Japanese winter so Bath Cream and Rich Cream are also well used by all family members.
I am so grateful for your help and amazing products. I can’t wait for you to start shipping internationally.
Kayoko Ahrestani, Japan
Just the fact that a doctor and not a monster pharmacy company is making these products should be reason to try them . Pls try a product and let your skin breath .
Sonal Chowdhary, Mumbai
Dr Monica is a renowned Dermatologist and her skin products are simple non toxic and amazing. I use her moisturizing cream on my patients with scars following burns and trauma and have excellent results.
Dr Purnima Aiyer , Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai
Finally found something which means what it says. Good quality (About the Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream)
Roshni Kandhari, Hyderabad
For my combination skin I have been using the Massage And Wash Away The Oil cream, the Dew Drops, and the Acne Cure Day Lotion. The combination of these products have helped to get my heat pimples in the oily face areas under control. My skin feels smooth and lifted, the pimples reduced and my face feels fresh.
Saskia Croneberg, Goa
I have been using the Moisturizing Cleanser (light) & Radiance Serum regularly for 2 months. I LOVE these products and I’m glad I stocked up before leaving India. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, however these products are so light and irritant free (no dyes, perfumes) if you do have sensitivity to products don’t hesitate to try these. I was motivated by adopting a regimen that could help cleanse, moisturize and keep my skin looking fresh (read: youthful!) I’m so pleased with Dr. Monica’s products and the look of my skin. I also bought Acne Cure for my teenage daughter and she’s developed her own regimen to keep her skin clean and clear during a time of changes in hormones and break outs. She loves her products and the results. We had the great pleasure to consult with Dr. Monica’s approach is entirely holistic and comprehensive. We discussed a balanced diet, lifestyle and habits. An integrated assessment in determining the needs of the skin from a product stand point. She is very thorough, her extensive knowledge and decades of career experience as a dermatologist have gone into to the development of these products, they are highly refined and highly recommended!
Carolynn Neal-Nehria, USA
I ordered the hair loss oil and the drizzle bath oil.There was no fuss with the courier and what’s more – it came with a personalised hand written prescription and instructions. Monica Aunty you are the best.
Nandita Pradhan Bhatt, Gurgaon
Rich cream is very effective for psoriasis .. My sis is really happy with the results .. She has been using the cream for last one month and she recommends it.. Great work done by dr Monica
Jasneet, Ludhiana
There is no better skin doctor in India than Dr. Monica. I have been going to her for the last 20 years. And as the world becomes more commercial, I have come to appreciate her even more. She takes interest in each case, follows it up patiently, and never tries to force unnecessary products or medicines on us. I can follow her prescriptions blindly, because I know that she is the best and will never take chances with my skin.
Ritu Singh Banga, New Delhi
I have had the luck to turn to Dr Monica for most of my skin problems. It wasn’t too surprising that she was the ONLY person I thought of when dealing with terrible and deeply distressing infant eczema or even more terrifying, teenage acne.The gentle and soothing customised products have helped my children tremendously.

Decades on, I turn to her for ever changing needs (read-forty plus) as I age and look for hair and skin supplements. I am delighted that she is finally online and I can order the product even when I’m travelling.

Shreya Sekhon, Gurgaon
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratefulness to you for providing excellent treatment to my son. By God’s grace, your excellent care and use of your Medicated Talc not only has he recovered completely but is enjoying his stay at his boarding school thoroughly. My husband and I are greatly relieved. Thank you once again.
Manisha, Kochi
Well for us she is now treating our second generation. My daughter has turned 13 and started going to Dr. Monica [ For us she is Monica aunty] as my wife has know has been treated by Dr. Monica since her childhood for acne and stuff. I believe that my daughter is in really good hands.
Noel McPereira, New Delhi
I wish to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Monica for having made my mother’s last years of life VERY comfortable by providing the soothing touch to her extremely dry skin, which compelled her to scratch it and some times even make it bleed at places. The use of Bath Cream in place of soap followed by the use of Rich Cream made all the difference in her day to day life. In fact Dr. Monica deserves all the blessings she got. I would like to highly recommend these for people in need.
Dr. Vinita Narula, New Delhi
I have tried most of the products and find them very gentle and effective. Highly recommended!
Kanta Hirdaramani, Sri Lanka
Excellent anti-ageing products, especially the Radiance Serum.
Aruna Guha, New Delhi
After giving birth to my baby, my hormones were astray causing strange skin irritations that created scars and bumps on my legs. Dr. Monica had formulated a special rich cream, especially customised to target those areas. It helped in lesser irriation and the affected skin started to heal well.
Smita Singhal, New Delhi
I find their products easy to use, very effective and fast acting. I have use the anti-dandruff cream and the non-oil based moisturizer – and both were really great!!
Gaurav Mehta, Gurgaon